Bridging Distances, Uniting Voices: The Formation of the Virtual Club Coalition for NFRW

In an innovative move poised to reshape the landscape of political engagement, Kelly Jahner-Byrne has spearheaded the formation of the Virtual Club Coalition (VCC), marking a significant leap forward for the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). This groundbreaking initiative emerged from Jahner-Byrne’s visionary leadership in founding the first-ever virtual club in 2022, which not only became the largest and fastest-growing virtual club nationwide but also earned a prestigious Diamond Award from the NFRW.

The inception of the VCC was motivated by Jahner-Byrne’s recognition of a unique opportunity to expand the NFRW’s membership significantly. By embracing the concept of virtual clubs, the coalition aims to cater to a diverse demographic, including younger women, busy professionals, mothers with young children, and seniors who prefer the convenience and accessibility of virtual engagement over traditional in-person meetings. This strategic move is seen as a potential catalyst for substantial growth within the NFRW, broadening its reach and influence.

The collaborative effort took shape after Jahner-Byrne engaged in several insightful discussions with Catherine Barranco, the State President of the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women (SDFRW) and a member of the SD Cyber Club. Recognizing the potential for a nationwide impact, Barranco extended an invitation to the original six virtual clubs to join the coalition, laying the foundation for a united front that leverages the power of virtual connectivity.

The VCC stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of its founding members, providing a platform for sharing resources, strategies, and best practices among NFRW virtual clubs across the United States. Its mission is to foster a more inclusive and accessible environment for political engagement, allowing members to participate actively in the political process from the comfort of their homes.

Since its inception, the VCC has hosted a series of distinguished speakers, including Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Tom Cotton, Congressman Tom Emmer, Dr. Ben Carson, and Patty McMurray, the founder of 100% Fed Up. These high-profile engagements underscore the coalition’s commitment to delivering valuable content and insights to its members, enhancing the overall experience of virtual club participation.

The Virtual Club Coalition represents just one of many pioneering steps toward redefining political engagement within the NFRW. By breaking down geographical and logistical barriers, the VCC empowers women across the country to contribute to the political discourse, ensuring their voices are heard and making a meaningful impact. With its forward-thinking approach and commitment to growth and inclusivity, the Virtual Club Coalition is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of the National Federation of Republican Women.