10,000 Lakes Republican Women Club Launches to Empower Conservative Women Across Minnesota

In an exciting development for conservative women across Minnesota, Kelly Jahner-Byrne has spearheaded the creation of the 10,000 Lakes Republican Women club. This new club is a direct response to the need for more inclusive spaces where conservative women can connect, learn, and lead, offering a comprehensive platform for engagement in political discourse, activism, and community building.

The initiative was inspired by Jahner-Byrne’s wide-ranging travels throughout the state for her 2022 Secretary of State campaign and her establishment of Candidate College. Through these experiences, she identified a strong desire among women to engage in politics and recognized the importance of providing a space where they can access resources, network, and support one another without the limitations of traditional meeting formats.

Highlighting the urgency for accessible political engagement opportunities for women, Jahner-Byrne stated, “There are so many women that want information, to grow, and to lead, but they don’t have the bandwidth or time to attend another meeting.”

The virtual club’s inception has seen enthusiastic participation, starting with 33 founding members and rapidly expanding thanks to contributions from key members, including Karen Gaasvig, who stepped in as Treasurer, and Jenna Dicks, who took on the Vice President role as a busy mom and political activist. Vickie Bakken shifted from another club to join as secretary, and Renae Bakken, looking to dive deeper into her political involvement as a professional, also became a part of the club as member at large.

Offering a virtual platform, the 10,000 Lakes Republican Women club chartered on January 16, 2023, and enables members to join discussions, workshops, and networking events from anywhere, making it accessible to women statewide. It aims to be a central point for conservative women to drive change and have a significant impact in their communities, creating a strong and inclusive community focused on shared values and principles. The virtual club has members in every congressional district in Minnesota. They welcome those that winter elsewhere, but call Minnesota home.

Jahner-Byrne captures the essence of the club’s mission, asserting, “Together, we can achieve great things and make a lasting difference in Minnesota and beyond.”