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From the club President: I was born and raised in Cloquet, MN. My husband, Darin, and I have been married for 30+ years and we started out our married life in Arlington, VA when Darin was in the Army Honor Guard and stationed at Fort Myer, VA. After that we moved back to MN and have lived in Esko since 1994. I am a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 10 grandchildren (7 years and under). I am a small business owner of over 20 years which gives me the flexibility to invest time in other things such as politics and the skills needed to work as a team. I am currently the Duluth Republican Women President. I was 2nd Vice Chairwomen on the CD8 Executive Board and in charge of the BPOU organization and then fundraising. I have loved getting to know a lot of you by attending your events and helping out wherever I can. I am a delegate from Carlton County, CD8 and State. I have helped plan caucuses, conventions and other events for the BPOU. I helped with successful Senate candidate Norm Coleman and successful Governor candidate Tim Pawlenty, 2020 Trump reelection campaign, Congressman Pete Stauber’s campaign and our newly elected 11A State Representative Jeff Dotseth’s campaign. I believe in America First – we should be taking care of our own citizens and country first! I am a strong advocate for Election Integrity, working with the local BPOU, signing up election judges and working on getting them the training needed. I am a strong advocate for Medical Freedom for all individuals (as a business owner we turn down contracts requiring government and/or corporate forced vaccinations.) I am a strong advocate for School Choice (we homeschooled our four children and all of our school age grandchildren are being homeschooled as well). At this time, it is easy to get discouraged but I believe we will see many victories in the days ahead! I look forward to working with all of you.

Jodi Miller



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